"As a native of Deir Mimas, South of Lebanon, a beautiful small village nested between hills covered with ancient olive trees ( 600 - 2000 years old), I  grew up observing some magic and mystery embracing our "green gold". Being  commonly referred to as the "Bordeaux of Olive Oils",  has always made me proud.

And as I researched and learned more and more about olive oil, I also found out about its health benefits. Later on, I understood that its recognized quality comes from the olive varieties of that region, together with ideal geography - the altitude of the groves  at 580 meters - and the quality of our soil. 

And here it is now, our "green gold" within your reach wherever you are around the globe: Thus, I invite you to discover Darmmess Premium EVOO and to enjoy its complex yet harmonious taste, reminiscent of unripe green olives with bitter spicy notes and a fruity aroma.

It is a one-of-a-kind Extra Virgin Olive Oil developed exclusively for a niche market of true connoisseurs."

Rose M. Bechara




Our millennial olive groves in Deir Mimas is where the majestic “Souri/Baladi” green olive trees were planted gracefully thousands of years ago, and are still grown naturally, pesticides and chemicals free.  

Unlike common practices, Darmmess Premium Extra virgin Olive Oil is an early harvest whereby the yield per tree is low but the quality of the end product is exceptional .

Our unripe green olives are first cold extracted at our business partner "Deir Mimas Modern mill", on the same day of harvest, ensuring a high level of freshness.  

Committed to offering a pure EVOO, we do filter prior to bottling: This additional process eliminates all the small particles of olives responsible for oil oxidation with time. 

From our groves in Deir Mimas to your bottle in less than 24 hours! 



Type: High Phenolic and Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Recommended daily Intake as per Commission Regulation EU 432/2012: 2 Tablespoons

Origin: Deir Mimas Village (the "Bordeaux of Olive Oils"), South of Lebanon 

Cultivar:  100% Baladi Unripe Green Olives (one of the oldest varieties in the world)

Collection period: Early October 2020

Yield: 16.67%

Aroma: A mix of green tomato, herbs, apple and banana, followed by a poke of black pepper, walnut and almond.

Taste: Very well balanced between the bitter, the pungent and the fruity

Formats: 0.5 L Bottle

Pairings: Raw on salads, steamed vegetables, soups, fish, meat, and Mediterranean Mezze

Calories per Tablespoon: 120

Acidity: 0.14 % (max 0.8 %)

K270: 0,107 ( max 0.22)

K232: 1,143 ( max 2.5)

Peroxide: 1.38  mEqo2 /kg (max 20)

Polyphenols concentration ( High):  294 mg/kg (min 64)

Age of olive trees: 600 -2000+ years old

Storage: Below 18C, away from light and humidity

Technique: First Cold Extraction

 Harvest 2020 analysis from :

  • LARI , Lebanon 

  • Centro Analisi Biochimiche, Italy

Tel: +961 3 116516

E-mail: rosebechara@darmmess.com

Deir Mimas, Marjayoun Caza, Southern Lebanon.

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