Lebanese Excellency: Darmmess Premium EVOO Classified "High Phenolic"

According to the EU Health Claim Labeling Regulation (432/2012), a daily intake of 2 tablespoons of Darmmess High Phenolic & Early Harvest EVOO grants you (and not exclusively), the following health benefits:

- Prevent many types of cancer

- Slow the progression of Alzheimer’s up to 40%

- Fight premature aging

- Decrease the risk of depression and dementia

- Protect the arteries from damage

- Lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol

- Reduce the risk for type II diabetes

- Prevent strokes

- Reduce body inflammations

Additional Interesting Information:

1. Darmmess EVOO is at 294mg of Polyphenols per kg ( Source: Centro Analisi Biochimiche SAS, Italy, December 2020)

2. Polyphenols are organic compounds by-products of plants synthesis. The two most important ones are Oleocanthal and Oleacein. These can be detected during tasting Darmmess: they are behind the the peppery effect on the back of the throat, and the bitterness on the tongue.

3. Don't hesitate to treat Darmmess as a food supplement. Thus, consume it daily and preferably raw

4. Once opened, make sure the bottle is away from light, heat ( below 18C) and air ( close it well after usage).

Happy 2021 Everyone !

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