Since early 2021, Darmmess embraced willingly the social enterprise business model. Our priorities became centered around supporting and empowering our local community. We make up for the marketing and distribution gaps in the value chain of our farmers, while providing them with a professional technical assistance around best organic agricultural practice. All united, we thrive towards building a global territorial branding of Deir Mimas village and  advance towards our goals of reducing waste and carbon emissions.


We are the first and the only Lebanese brand of EVOO  implementing traceability:  Every bottle carries a lot number showing the farmer's initials through which we can trace  our EVOO from tree to retailer shelf.  


A scannable QR code is available on every bottle offering the consumer all relevant details around every lot number to make the best and most informed possible purchase decision: Exact harvest dates, yield, chemical analysis, organoleptic score, aromas & flavors, polyphenols and Elenolides. 


We did put in place an unusually fast & sophisticated process whereby we go from tree to bottle very quickly. It is a tailor-made unique one, based on our expertise and scientific research. Our learning curve is allowing us to improve it with every new harvest


Unlike common practices, we start our journey end of September of every year. This timing generates a low yield but is behind an unequaled quality of our final product. Our unripe green olives get sorted in the groves by expert ladies from our village.


Deir Mimas is a small village where all is about Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We do it for thousands of years and we do it well. Our millennial olive groves are taken care of organically, pesticides and chemicals free.


Among all available varieties, we only harvest the "Souri" ( originated from Sour/Tyr) known also as "Baladi", considered one of the oldest and best varieties in the world.


We designed our own modern process whereby our olives aren't pressed but extracted by a centrifuge. The no water, no heat commitment preserves intact all components behind our special aromas, flavors and scents. Here also, we get a lower production for the same amount of olives but a much higher quality.


This last step before bottling aims at removing the small particles of olives responsible for oxidation with time. A stable and high level of freshness is guaranteed. Bottling and capping happen immediately after under strict hygiene conditions.


Analyzed at Athens University in Greece, our 2022 evoo shows a very high concentration of a new constituent called Elenolides (E) (between 910 and 1213 mg/kg across our 6 lots), acting as an antihypertensive agent in the human body.  Elenolides are technically a marker of high quality EVOO's, as can be only found in those  coming from unripe olives with high phenolic load processed with minimal water during malaxation.

Moreover 65% of our 2022 harvest rank in the bronze category of High Phenolic Extra virgin Olive Oils. Polyphenols are organic compounds with tremendous health benefits thanks to their antioxidant properties. They are also behind the peppery effect on the back of the throat, and the bitterness on the tongue of Darmmess.

Several types of polyphenols, including hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein, oleacein, and oleocanthal, are particularly potent in olives. In fact, polyphenols are one of the most robustly studied groups of olive oil bioactive compounds, with research demonstrating their protective effects against oxidative stress—a type of physiological stress that can cause DNA mutations and lead to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

“The European Union Health Claim Labelling Regulation 432–2012 states that olive oils with polyphenols of 250 mg/kg or more can claim: "Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress...The higher the concentration of phenolic compounds, the greater the potential health benefit”.

Darmmess is your natural food supplement with a recommended daily consumption of 2 tablespoons.


Type: High Phenolic and Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Recommended daily Intake:  As per Commission Regulation EU 432/2012: 2 Tablespoons
Origin: Deir Mimas Village (the "Bordeaux of Olive Oils"), South Lebanon 
Cultivar:  100% Souri Unripe Green Olives (one of the oldest varieties in the world)
Collection period: Early October 2022 ( 3rd to 18th)
Yield: 11.5% to 17.75%
Aroma: Entirely  green notes that reminiscent of early harvested olives enriched by a hint of green tomato, cut grass, basil, floral, fresh fruits (green apple) and evident balsamic note (eucalyptus).Its taste is medium, right note of pungency and bitter from olives that are green. Herbaceous background of chicory, fresh walnut, tomato, black pepper and red chili pepper.
Taste: Medium Bitterness (4.8/10). Medium Green Fruitiness (5.7/10). Medium Pungency (5.9/10). Pleases all palates. Rich & well balanced EVOO
Formats: 0.5 L & 0.25L 
Pairings: Raw on salads, steamed vegetables, soups, fish, meat, and Mediterranean Mezze
Calories: 120 per Tablespoon

Acidity: 0.14 % to 0.18% (max 0.8 %)
Peroxide: 4  to 4.5 mEqo2 /kg (max 20)
Polyphenols concentration ( High):  382 mg/kg (min 64)
Age of olive trees: 600 -2000+ years old
Storage: Below 18C, away from light and humidity
Technique: First Cold Extraction

Accredited Sources :

  • University of Athens, Greece
  • LARI , Lebanon
  • Associazione Prim’Olio - Saperi e Sapori di Calabri



A small village of unspoiled beauty and authenticity, overlooking the Litani river,  neighboring Beaufort castle built by the crusaders and hosting the historic Mar Mema monastery. It is a prized destination for tourists and home to 6,000 inhabitants, 130,000 ancient olive trees, four olive mills and six churches.

Nested among the hills, Deir Mimas is coated with majestic olive trees harking back to Biblical times. Blessed with a white soil naturally rich in clay, a temperate climate and an average altitude (580 meters), Deir Mimas represents a unique favorable environment for olive groves.